How to Be Fully Committed to Your Habits

It is said that we are what we repeatedly do. Our personality, character, skills, experiences, talents and attributes are directly related to the habits that we create in our lives. However, it's a bit challenging for most of us to stay committed to our habits since life doesn't always work the way we want it to. Yet, there are some easy and applicable steps that can guide you to be fully committed to your habits. So without further ado, let's get started! 😎 1) Start Asking WHY?!  Why do you want to be committed to this habit? What's in it for you? Is it that important? Asking why will provide you clear reasons , which will motivate and fuel you up to stay consistent with your coveted habit. For example: If you want to make working out your new habit, you should know exactly WHY do you want that?! Is it because you're jealous of anybody? You want to impress others? You HOPE to be in better shape? Because if so, chances are you won't s

How to Choose a Major that Fits You Perfectly?

Choosing one's major may seem intimidating at first, especially when you don't have a clear picture of your future path and goals. While others may feel they know what they want to do and what to major in, unfortunately, they choose the wrong one! However, there are three major areas , if studied carefully and precisely, can clear things up and direct you to your desired future path. 1) Academically: Attending a university or a college is tough work and requires a tremendous chunk of energy. So if you are studying things that you don't really enjoy, it will be hard for you to complete your educational journey successfully without failing courses and having to take them all over again. So to avoid having to deal with these failures from the beginning of the road, start by searching for the major that you feel confident in. And because you will be spending most of your university days studying, you must be enjoying it to do your best and be able to dev